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About Us

DCTS is an independent company of engineers, technical consultants, designers and planners offering a broad range of professional engineering services.

Main activity of the company is construction design and consultancy in engineering services. Through continuous development over time we have the capability to cover a large field of activities such as:

  • Technical and specifications for all specialties: architecture, structure, plumbing, electrical and HVAC external networks (storm water, electric, gas), roads and platforms;
  • Technical expertise and building projects and rehabilitation;
  • Technical assistance during the execution of design works;
  • Geotechnical studies (in collaboration with certified laboratories);
  • Mapping survey;
  • Projects zoning and detailed urban projects;
  • Building permits, licenses and approvals, notifications, agreements;
  • Documentation of auction;
  • Supervision of construction.

Our working procedure is based on clearly implemented procedures and a project plan which describes all processes in all of the planning phases: Concept, Technical Project for Building Authorization, Execution Project, Detailed Execution Project, Assisting the construction works, As-Built Project.

The company holds three ISO certifications.

Our profile

  • The desire to align ourselves  to the highest quality standards in our work;
  • Concerned with getting the best results for our partners;
  • Seriousness and professionalism;
  • Training program to improve people efficiency;
  • Additional software solutions to improve the way we work. 

Selected Clients

  • Graphic Studio;
  • RE – ACT   NOW   Studio Architecture Office;
  • Rohe Romania;
  • CONARG Construct;
  • NDC Cafe Arhitecture;
  • Metal Techniks;
  • Duo Design;
  • Indeco Group;
  • Primaria Comunei Darmanesti;
  • Cafe Design;
  • Avicola Buzău/Aaylex;
  • Agroli Crevedia;
  • Iterum Construct;
  • PCS Procurement;
  • Romanian Fuelling Services;
  • Proctoclinic;
  • Maffaro Grup;
  • Arabesque;
  • Secure Investments. 

Selected Projects


  • One Star indoor extensive chicken farm, Chicken Farms, 486 Aleea Combinatului, Crevedia, Dambovita County;
  • Avicola Crevedia S.A. Slaughter House Extension, Aleea Combinatului, Crevedia, Dambovita County;
  • Compound Feed Factory, Faurei, Braila County;
  • Silo Bins, Cocora, Slobozia County;
  • Silo Bins, Bistret, Craiova County;
  • Silo Bins, Crevedia, Dambovita County;
  • Packing and Warehouse Avicola Buzau, Buzau, Buzau County;
  • Packing and Warehouse for fresh fruits and vegetables Alfredo Fresh, Afumati, Ilfov County;
  • Grain Dryer PIONEER, Ganeasa, Ilfov County;
  • Racing Pigeons accomodation building, 1st District, Bucharest;
  • Consolidation and modernization of C24 building for seed treatement, Fundulea, Calarasi County.


  • Expanding aero fuel terminal, Romanian Fuelling Service, Otopeni;
  • Storage area for industrial waste, Girov, Neamt County;
  • Oil supply system for sludge kiln clinker at Carpat Cement Holding, Deva;
  • Rehabilitation facility for the purpose of treatment, conditioning and getting alternative fuel waste, liquid waste treatment, Bucov, Prahova County;
  • Infrastructue – steel structures with large spans (44.50meters), semicircular buildings from steel sheets (16.35meters), regular steel structures with spans of 12.00, 14.00, 16.50meters), other concrete buildings new or consolidated;
  • Storage capacity expansion for the factory of flexible polyurethane foam, Sibiu country, Selimbar town – spatial reticular structure and other utility structures.

Public Buildings

  • Victoria City Centre Mall in collaboration with Iterum Construct – 43 Bucurestii Noi Boulevard, 1st District, Bucharest;
  • Veranda Mall Obor in collaboration with Iterum Construct, Ziduri Mosi Street, 2nd District, Bucharest;
  • Consolidation, development and reorganization of National Museum of Agriculture Slobozia, 10 Matei Basarab Boulevard, Slobozia, Ialomiţa County;
  • Market and food center, Buftea, Ilfov County;
  • Visiting Centre, Sambotin, Gorj County;
  • Sports and recreation building in Tineretului Park, 2nd district, Bucharest – design check of the spacial reticular structure;
  • „Gheorghe Hagi” Football Academy, Ovidiu, Constanta County.


  • Technical expertise and Consolidation Project for office building B+G+3F, 5 Smardan Street, 3rd District, Bucharest;
  • Building Construction Sp + P + 2E with the function of office, showroom, warehouse, Bragadiru, Ilfov County;
  • Technical expertise and Consolidation Project for office building B+G+2F, 10 Belgrad Street, 1st District, Bucharest;
  • Technical expertise and Consolidation Project for office building B+G+F+M, 10 Londra Street, 1st District, Bucharest;
  • Technical expertise and Consolidation Project for office building B+G+F+M, 34 Londra Street, 1st District, Bucharest;
  • Technical expertise and Consolidation Project for office building B+G+F+M, 36 Londra Street, 1st District, Bucharest;
  • Technical expertise and Consolidation Project, 36A M. Vulcanescu, 1st District, Bucharest.


  • Clothing store design for H&M, Kenvelo, Timeout, Tom Tailor, C&A, Poema Musse, Next;
  • Clothing store design H&M Unirii FLAGSHIP Store.


  • 30 places Mansion, Mizil, Prahova County.

Residential – Apartment Buildings

  • B+G+10F Building of flats -6A-8C-8D Aleea Terasei, 4th District, Bucharest;
  • B+G+8F Building of flats and Penny Hypermarket – 4th  Aleea Terasei, 4th District, Bucharest;
  • G+2F Building of flats with piles mat foundation – 16th Ilioara, 3rd District, Bucharest;
  • Apartment Building S+P+9E, Aleea Terasei no. 8D, 4th district, Bucharest.

Residential – Individual Houses

  • Caldarusani House, Bucharest – main building, guests accommodation, swimming pool, tennis court, parking, warehouse, raft.
  • Petre House Bp+G+ 1F, Rascoalei Street, Bucharest;
  • Remus House B+G+ 1F, Tunari, Ilfov County;
  • Breaza House B+G+M, Breaza, Prahova County;
  • Biro House B+G+M, Tg. Mures, Mures County;
  • Residential – Apartment Building – Detached house D + P + 1E, Sofia Street no. 60A, Otopeni, Ilfov;
  • Residential – Individual House, Skopelo Island, Greece. 

Engineering Works

  • Steel Structures for the European Organization for Nuclear Research  /CERN.
  • Advertising panel, Braila County;
  • Swiming Pool, 3 Corneliu Botez, 3rd District, Bucharest;
  • Expansion of existing building, the escape ladders and walkways for the shopping center City Park, S+P+1E, Constanta. 


  • Wellsite rehabilitation, East and North Moldova, Oil Extraction – OMV Petrom;
  • Extension of sewerage system on the north area of Darmanesti city, Dambovita County;
  • Solution Contest Central Library Helsinki – Omidae, Helsinki with Mario George Kuibus Architecture Office;
  • Solution Contest Media School Wien – Neubau Medienzentrum Wien with Mario George Kuibus Architecture Office;
  • Belfry and the mortuary chapel P + M, Hotin Street no. 18, 1st district, Bucharest.


Address:   5, Duzilor st. Bucharest, Romania

Email:   office „at” dcts.ro

Tel.:   +40 314 377 047

Program:   Monday thru Friday: 9am – 6pm

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